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Maximise economic recovery
Eliminate emissions for eternity


isol8 designs and deploys alloy-based wellbore isolation products. We focus on three principle areas; well construction, well intervention and well abandonment.

Rigless · Multi-Annulus · Through-Tubing · Wireline Deployed · P&A Barrier

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isol8 is developing a range of unique alloy-based products to address complex industry challenges:
  • Improve well construction design
  • Isolate water and gas
  • Reinstate well integrity
  • Reduce well abandonment costs and
  • Deliver ‘eternal’ multi-annulus P&A barriers

Phase 1 Reservoir & Phase 2 Intermediate Zone Isolation

isol8’s Fusion product aims to reduce well P&A costs by > 50%. Our proprietary alloys have been developed to provide superior barrier integrity compared with conventional cement. The slim Fusion toolstring can be deployed through-tubing on slickline or electric-wireline to perform a permanent barrier above the reservoir or intermediate zones. The alloy can form a seal against the rock and bonds with the casing/tubing.

about us

Our vision is to develop the highest quality wellbore isolation solutions that improve well integrity, maximise economic recovery and eliminate emissions for eternity.


We do what’s right, honest, safe, fair, ethical, responsible and required by law.


We creatively challenge established technical, operational and commercial practice.


We continuously seek to improve our team, technology and operations.


We show respect to clients, colleagues and competitors and promote collaboration.

isol8 Competencies


Conduction/Convection, CFD, FEA & Reaction Kinetics.


Proprietary alloy development.

Material Science

Engineered thermite recipes.

Market Applications

Construction, reinstating integrity, maximising recovery, P&A.

Mechanical Design

Downhold product engineering.


Quality management process.

isol8 QA process

Define: Wellbore conditions (P, T, depth, deviation, mid ID). Determine: Theoretical limitations (modelling & simulation). Develop: Operational plan. Design: Thermite formula & toolstring configuration. Demonstrate: Isolation competency (qualification testing). Deploy: In field & verify barrier integrity. Demob: Capture field data and learning.

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